Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blackmagic Design H.264 Video Recorder

This tasty object hit my radar the other week, why?
The tech specs are full of win, and if true, I just might have the best bang for buck hardware encoder I can lay my hands on, this promises to be the sweet spot in the middle.

A/V $199 US
SDI $299 US

Pinnacle (AVID) has just released a similar item, but I'm just not impressed, looks simple and is, with unimpressive encode options. The "Press and Go" unit looks hot as does the model flogging it, but the specs just don't cut it for me, single aspect only is a killer, I know Youtube is still 4x3, but I'm publishing 1920x1024 evey day.

However, remember this is not a plugin for your Symphony and Avid has been catering to a broad market of late, Pinnacle has always been solid supplier to the Mid/DV crew

There are a truck load of these gadgets out there right now, but its great to see Blackmagic join in, sad news is, not till SEPT 08 (Aust) Still, I'll be hanging out, at that price point , and with BM's reputation. Its worth my wait.

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