Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Media Composer v2.8.3 / NewsCutter v2.8.3 Released - Avid Community

Avid Media Composer v2.8.3 and Avid Newscutter v6.8.3 are now available from the Avid Download Center at no charge to active Avid Support COntract customers and any cusomers that are running x.7.x or higher and are entitles to the x.8.3 editors. For those that do not have a download center account, please go here.

This release continues to be supported in a Windows XP 32-bit environement ONLY. Windows Vista support will be offered in a future release.

This release includes support for Quicktime 7.3.1.

The supported NVIDIA graphics driver is version 91.85.

You must be running the following software in shared environments: Interplay v1.2.3; Unity MediaNetwork v4.1.5, v4.2.3, v5.0; Avid Unity ISIS v1.3a, v1.4


➤ Sound TC was counting at 24fps as opposed to 30fps in 1080p23 projects, causing the Sound TC information to drop out before the end of the clip. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously importing or capturing new clips in local bin into Avid Interplay did not update auto-reservation time.

➤ Previously, you might have received a "FatalAbortAssertion failed" error when loading master clips with Pan/Volume changes with Dynamic Relink enabled. This has been fixed.

➤ Effects that were nested inside a submaster effect might have appeared as black instead of letting the lower video layers show through. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously after opening, closing, or saving a bin, the system might hang. "Not responding" would appear in the title bar. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, locators placed on a title track did not reappear after the original title media was deleted and then title media was recreated.

➤ Previously, if you used the Audio Mixer tool to change gain and or pan, and then checked the clip into Avid Interplay, when you checked the clip out on another editor, the changes to gain or pan were lost. This has been fixed.

➤ When checking in XDCAM proxy media into Avid Interplay, you might have received a C++ Runtime Error. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, sequences with imported TIFF files might not have checked in and out of Interplay properly. You might have seen an "Unsupported pixel format" error. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, you might have received the error message: "Sequence refers to non-existent tracks in clip" when you try to play a sequence that has been updated in Interplay by Pro Tools. This occurred when the original sequence's timecode did not match the Pro Tools sequence timecode. This has been fixed.

➤ If you have problems with batch capture accuracy for footage captured over 1394 due to undetected small timecode breaks, enable the "Enable detection of small timecode break" option located in the Capture Settings DV& HDV tab.

➤ Previously, you might have been unable to transcode 720p 50 to 1080p 25. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, you might have received a "Video Overrun" error when capturing 720p or 1080p with more than 2 AES/EBU audio tracks. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, it might have taken a long time for the editing application to log on to Interplay if a full text search on the Interplay database was running at the same time. This has been fixed.

➤ Previously, if you transferred a sequence with a long name to AirSpace, the sequence would fail to transfer with a "requested function is not implemented" message. A more accurate message of "Sequence name exceeds 63 characters" now appears.


As always, please post any comments and issues that involve downloads and installs here. It helps to diagnose those issues all in on place.

If you have specific issues with running the software, please post those in a new thread.

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