Sunday, June 8, 2008

Firefox 3 When Add-ons Do Not Work

Firefox 3 When Add-ons Do Not Work
Posted by Martin from gHacks

I finally upgraded from Firefox 2 to the latest release candidate of Firefox 3 and immediately ran into a problem. My RSS feeds were not showing up at all in the Bookmarks and they only did so after importing an old bookmarks.html file from the Firefox profile folder which in turn duplicated every other bookmark. Took a while to remove the duplicates again but I now have my RSS Feeds in the Bookmarks Folder as well.
It turned out that my favorite RSS add-on Brief for Firefox was not compatible with the release candidate 2. I tried to force compatibility which did not work either. Now here is the interesting information that might help you if you ran into a similar problem. If one of your add-ons is not compatible to the latest Firefox version you could visit the developer’s homepage to see if he did post a new version or a workaround.

It turned out that the developer was busy creating Brief beta versions, the latest on his homepage was Brief 1.2 beta 2 while the latest on the official Mozilla website was Brief 1.1. Brief 1.2 beta 2 is fully compatible to Firefox 3 and I was able to select my feeds and use the RSS Feed add-on ever since.

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